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Placement Policies

  1. Companies are expected to give a Pre-Placement Talk [PPT] laying out the details of the company and the offer before the process
  2. Once the student appears for the process, the student cannot reject the offer made by the company
  3. In case if a company has a specific requirement / request, the recruitment committee has all the rights to nominate a set / individual student(s) and it is mandatory that student/s has to attend the interview. In case selected and an offer is made, then student is free to decide about the same
  4. Each student shall be eligible for only one offer, till a confirmed offer letter is accepted by the student offered by the company
  5. A company is free to make their choice of students irrespective of their specialization
  6. The appointment letter(s) will be in the custody of the Placement Officer and will be handed over to the student only at the convocation, after he/she has been deemed to have cleared the entire course and also after he / she has no dues towards the institute. In case the student does not pass the course, the appointment letter shall be withheld. However, the company is free to recruit the student
  7. All correspondence to and from the company will be routed through the Placement Cell only
  8. After the convocation, unless the company brings any breach of commitment on the part of the student to the notice of the Placement Cell, GIAL's responsibility ceases
  9. Ineligible from the placement activity. Students will be considered ineligible for placement activities if any of the below mentioned is true:

    If students have not cleared the tuition fee dues

    Students who have less than 75% attendance

    Student registers to attend a company's interview and on the day of interview doesn't turn up

    If there is a misbehaviour / indiscipline on the part of the student during the interview process

    1. Ineligible student will be placed only after all the students are placed. Debarred students will be considered for placement again based on their improved performance and meeting the other criteria's as approved by the recruitment committee.
    2. Institute can stop a student from attending the interviews if they have dues of more than one semester. Institute has every right to allow a student to attend the interview if there is a genuine case with substantial evidence