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Computer Application

GIAL offers a three year B. Com (Model I) Programme, with specialization in Computer Application affiliated to M. G. University. The revised B. Com programme aims at the learner’s critical thinking, creativity and participation. This is based on the assumption that a conventional education system, which aims at prescription, transfer of information and competition for marks, may not enable the commerce students to take up the specific challenges of the business world today. The whole programme is organized into six semesters and it runs from the first semester to final semester on grading pattern. Accordingly, the students are grouped under various grades avoiding the unhealthy competition based on marks. It shifts the emphasis on learning for marks and focuses on adding purposiveness and integrity to education.
During the final year, every student has to prepare a project report based on his / her industry experience. Industrial visits and interactions with experts and experienced personnel in matters relating to Industry are organized to make the learning process of the students more participatory and in close acquaintance with commerce in operation, as against the depository form of education, passively acquired and stocked up. Thus GIAL aims at helping the B. Com students choose a vocation rather than a profession.