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Overview (BA English)

Considering the competition, changes and demands of the education realm in the modern world, we formulated the course – BA English for Careers & Communication. The course is exclusively designed to train the students to excel in the most highly demanding job areas. We also train the students to excel in their pronunciation and accent by bringing the British and American accent live in the language labs. We create professionals who cater to the needs of lucrative international business Our mission and vision is to transform those latent skills of our students into BA English for Careers & Communication and enable them to evolve as the top entrepreneurs of our country.We have included the main papers of English Literature keeping in mind the interests of the students who wish to pursue their studies in Literature. The innovative vocational papers we designed are:
1. English for Business Transactions’ equips the students to excel in the demanding professional areas.
2. English for Technical Writing’ enriches the students about the style of writing through various media in the field of technology.
3. English through Audio – Visual Media’ enhances the student’s pronunciation and accent and also furnish the students in the various language testing skills like IELTS, TOEFL etc.
Both British and American English are brought alive and active in the classroom and in the campus. Students can pursue higher study programs like MA in English, Communication, Journalism, Mass Communication, MSW, MBA etc. Two On – the – Job training program for 21 days are conducted. Full – fledged language lab and library, well equipped computer lab and internet are accessible in the campus