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Directors message

Rev. Fr. Sathyan Thomas OIC

In GIAL we teach and transform students to succeed and sustain in the competitive environment . The present scenario is the age of “The best informed”. Knowledge is power and, way to power, and MBA being ‘Multidisciplinary’ subject , has become imperative and inevitable ,for students to be equipped with information on National and International affairs. It is possible only through conventional and traditional methodology of pedagogy clubbed with Information Communication Technology (ICT) and state of the art technology ,because E-learning can only enhance the effectiveness of teaching . But basically even to impart education through such mediums we need professional teachers. Our Institution is blessed with dedicated and well qualified teachers. Besides curricular activities, we insist on and pay special attention to students taking active participation in extra-curricular activities too .The GIAL Fraternity believes in “Educating, Entertaining , Experimenting and Expanding” in the realms of education sector. The personality of the students is prospered through this integrated education system. MBA thus is a complete package to strengthen their personality. The vision and mission of GIAL has been based on a strong and unshakable ethical foundation .With the blessings of GOD Almighty , and with unwavering and unconditional commitment ,it’s my responsibility now , to take up this noble legacy to the next stage. We march forward ,under the providence of GOD , always “in pursuit and in search of excellence”